Monday, July 26, 2010

Well I've started one of those 9-6 jobs which is traditionally considered insufferable, but I sort of like it. I sort of like the schedule, the regime, the discipline of waking up at an ungodly 6 in the morning so I can work out before work so I don't become fat and slobby due to sitting in one place for 9 hours.

What I find most interesting is the office culture.
The random hook up that occurred between two co workers who now ignore each other at work.
In a workplace of 50 people, that's pretty tough.

I also find it amusing that all of us are pretty hot. I mean, we pretty much could star in a tv show based on office culture.

Thirdly(did I even have a secondly?), I think it absolutely ridiculous that our super fit, hot HR person wears the EXACT same outfit every monday. EXACT.
I mean really?


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