Monday, July 26, 2010

Well I've started one of those 9-6 jobs which is traditionally considered insufferable, but I sort of like it. I sort of like the schedule, the regime, the discipline of waking up at an ungodly 6 in the morning so I can work out before work so I don't become fat and slobby due to sitting in one place for 9 hours.

What I find most interesting is the office culture.
The random hook up that occurred between two co workers who now ignore each other at work.
In a workplace of 50 people, that's pretty tough.

I also find it amusing that all of us are pretty hot. I mean, we pretty much could star in a tv show based on office culture.

Thirdly(did I even have a secondly?), I think it absolutely ridiculous that our super fit, hot HR person wears the EXACT same outfit every monday. EXACT.
I mean really?


Indian Girl Speaks

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Indian Girl Speaks (Finally!)

So this is the place where I will speak. I, the Indian girl-stop- I don't mean a girl that lives in India. I mean that girl born and raised in America by Immigrant Indian parents that put the fear of Sex in her and concocted this culture which really never existed in India. We're talking about the pseudo 'Indian' girl. You see, because in all honesty I should very well be American. Considering I was born in the room next to a black girl, across from a chinese girl, and diagonally across from the (token) white girl in the ghetto of that American town which never really understood me, you would think I would be American. But NO, I am an Indian. And 'since' I am Indian, there are so many things I can and cannot do. I cannot be my outspoken rash self in circles of Indian dominance as that would lead gossip mongers to inform my relatives of my hideously non-'Indian' ways. I cannot speak about sex. No I cannot not. Well here I go- sex, sex,sex. I mean WHAT is the big problem, people? Get over it!!

And now to the main issue of contention- WHY am I going to take time from my ridiculously boring job to speak. Well, because every Indian girl deserves to speak. Years of weighing every word, tilting your head in the right way, and making all the 'right' friends has made me freaking crazy. I mean aghhhhh..
I am done.

So I will speak now.
Here goes nothing.

An Indian Girl Speaks.